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Meetings Focus danse

The meetings take place
In café danse
20 place de la bourse
Lyon 2e
Metro Cordeliers

Speed dating

All Focus danse participants are invited to come and connect at a "speed dating" session. A table, two chair, five minutes - that's the deal for this express appointment with professionals from around the world, on a four-day stay in Lyon. This fun, informal format will generate initial contacts and, in just a few minutes, give access to the networks of all Focus danse participants!

Thursday 23 sept.
from 11am to 1pm

Le débat

Deterritorialisation/Reterritorialisation: reinventing dance

The 1980s witnessed a major shift in dance history. The new dance - claiming groundbreaking aesthetics and equally novel organisational forms - spread quickly in the West and crystallised in country after country as a new generation of choreographers emerged. In the ‘90s, this phenomenon moved across every continent, coinciding with the advent of dance that was considerably more open to forms of performance akin to the visual arts. This "expanded dance" not only spanned the world's geographical boundaries; it embraced a kind of thinking informed by globalisation and new technology. What happened during these decades can be described as the deterritorialisation of dance: artists conspicuously shunned inherited grammars and the hegemony of the "leading" artistic capitals that had dominated the 20th century (Paris, Berlin, New York, etc.). It can be said that deterritorialisation was accompanied by a "decompartmentalised" reterritorialisation of dance. This debate proposes to explore the two movements in greater depth.

Thursday 23 sept.
from 2:30pm to 5pm

Critical discussion

Two journalists offer a critique of two pieces seen the night before, in conversation with their creators. These sessions, which primarily aim to help foreign professionals get to know artists better, will place the choreographers' artistic approaches in the French creative context.

Friday 24 sept.
from 10 to 11am

With choreographers Alban Richard and Olivier Dubois

Saturday 25 sept.
from 11am to 12 noon

With choreographers Nasser Martin Gousset and Mickael Le Mer


Focus danse is a four-day opportunity to discover 10 new pieces of French dance, but also to meet 16 other choreographers in discussion booths in the form of artist/programmer "ice-breakers"!
Geared to programmers from around the world, these sessions let the attending choreographers present their artistic approaches and projects. This recipe gives artistic teams direct, individual talktime with programmers; if they wish, they can also show excerpts from their previous shows. The format enables small groups of programmers to move between booths and meet several artists during the two sessions.

The artists taking part in these ice-breakers


From top to toe

A body - yours. An open, receptive mind - yours. A comfortable outfit (be sure to pack it!). Ninety minutes of new sensations to discover, explore and experiment with. Ninety minutes during which a tutor will invite you to apprehend dance differently, through awareness of movement: your own movement and that of others. A ninety-minute parenthesis to "unlock" your visual perceptions and tap your body's potential.
The workshop venues will be held in surprising indoor and outdoor locations.

Intended for non-dancers
Max. 15 participants per session
Booking essential: contact the Professionals Office.
Workshops devised by the national dance centre (CND) in Lyon.

City trails

On foot

Focus danse offers you a glimpse of Lyon from the perspective of a foreign choreographer who lives and works in the city - and loves it!
The 90-minute stroll through Lyon's streets, between the rivers Rhône and Saône, will take in the city's historical, architectural and artistic highlights, as your choreographer-guide shares their vision of the Rhône-Alpes region's capital.

Trails in French and English
Total capacity: 15

Friday 24 September: 11am to 12.30pm
Saturday 25 September: 2.30-4pm
Rendezvous point: Palais du Commerce

By bus

This trail takes you to discover three dedicated dance venues in the Lyon area. Education and creation are the core themes of this 2hrs30 long trail.
Your three destinations? The studios of the national music and dance conservatoire (CNSMD) of Lyon; the hip-hop creation centre / Pôle Pik in Bron; and Maguy Marin's national choreographic centre (CCN) in Rillieux-la-Pape. (Locations to be confirmed.)

Trails in French and English.
Total capacity: 80

Saturday 25 September: 10.30am to 1pm
Rendezvous point: Palais du Commerce

Presentation of the MODUL-DANCE project

Set up in 2009, the European Dancehouse Network consists of 18 European dance venues including the Maison de la Danse in Lyon. Their common missions include supporting the creation and dissemination of new work and enriching artists’ professional development. The MODUL-DANCE project, initiated by EDN members and Mercat de les Flors in particular, is giving annual support (until 2014) to 10-15 young dance artists and choreographers. The project is funded by the European Commission’s Culture programme.

By the European Dancehouse Network

La Biennale de la Danse est produite par les Biennales de Lyon


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Sandrine Julien
Professionals Office
+33 (0)4 27 46 65 67

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Du Goudron et des plumes Photo : Christophe Raynaud De Lage